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Inevitably this is going to be a message to myself

December 2, 2010

I don’t think anyone is reading right now. So I should start ‘the blogging’ with a statement of intent. Not for you, because you are not reading this. No one is reading this. Only one other person knows I’m starting a blog but I haven’t sent her the link yet.

This entry is entirely for me.

I should say (or my ego should say) that I was one of the original bloggers. Before blogging was invented. Back in the late 90s I was into technology in a big way, downloading music from strange things called MIRC and ridiculous ‘Warez’ sites when you lot were still reminiscing about Speak and Spells. Napster was a nonsense for the masses to me. I used to write rubbish code in BASIC (we had an Amstrad, it was all it could do). Then I lost interest because I thought it was naff and didn’t think this kind of thing would ever take off.

I used Open Diary ( to share my life with strangers for maybe two years on a regular basis with absolute urgency – if I had something to say I had to say it there first. It was a good diary, I had lots of ‘friends’ and when my brother inadvertently found it, he thought it was funny. But the point of all that work has been undermined by its disappearance. Alas, my musings are gone forever; I closed my diary after downloading it onto a now long lost floppy disc. I do lament the loss of the thoughts of that 17 year old because what ever she cared about has since been forgotten.

Back then, it wasn’t called ‘blogging’ so it wasn’t particularly cool. It was highly anonymous. Countless people who will remain strangers to me must have come out to me online. It courted total honesty from its users – you would post an entry then wait willingly for people’s advice, opinions and dis/approval. It was a good online community. Now, I kind of miss it.

So this is my return to the practice of online contemplation. 10 years of opinions have been and gone from my brain. No more! I will inflict them once again on the world here. I will wait willingly for the advice and dis/approval of new people. And most of all, this time, when I download it all onto a USB stick once I’ve had enough, I’ll try not to lose the damn thing.

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