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The cost of everything, the value of nothing

December 3, 2010

In November 2009 I wrote a long, rambling piece about the miserly way Conservatives would run the economy in this country. If you have a spare afternoon, you can read it here:

Today I read something sums up the first few months of the “coalition” government and I was taught a good lesson on to scribe opinion. I used about 3000 words when the six that make up the title of this post would have done nicely.

I later heard many of my friends and former colleagues were handed voluntary redundancy notices. I heard a rumour through the public sector grapevine every member of Tower Hamlets staff recieved similar notices. It beggars belief that within six months of non-election, this could be happening.

The cost of everything, the value of nothing

“I want to give you a lot more power…This means that councils can do literally whatever they like as long as it’s legal.”

David Cameron said the above to the Local Government Association in July 2009. I’m fluent in the language of Tory bullshit and for those unfamiliar, I can translate that as:

“I want to give you, councils of the UK, all the responsibility over the next 5 years so the public can be mad at you.  I’m giving councils the power to spend money, without giving them any money to spend. I am a genius”

And I agree with him. He is a genius. He put prominent Lib-Dem MPs in high profile roles he had every intention of decimating and they greedily accepted them. Higher Education comes to mind. I still can’t believe Clegg accepted the role as Deputy PM. That’s the joke role – that’s the one they gave to John Prescott! There are no bricks flying through Cameron’s window.

He’s ordered a minimum of 25% public spending cuts across the board. A maximum of 40% if a department can manage it. And in our slumber, we are allowing it to happen.

If I want to lose weight, I don’t chop of my leg. If we want to reduce the deficit, we have to treat the economy in the same way as our bodies; trim the fat slowly. If you don’t, you’ll be no fitter than when you started and you’ll put it all back on again. Like Vanessa Feltz or Meatloaf.
Osbourne is handling the economy with all the naivety of a yo-yo dieter. Desperate to reach a magic target and fit into that sexy little cocktail dress, his policies are the fiscal equivalent of  skipping breakfasts and taking laxatives after lunch.

He needs to change his approach before all that’s left is skin and bones.

George Osborne, using a tried and tested technique to supress his appetite

If you know the value of your local and national services and jobs, make sure you don’t watch this happen.

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