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If I was FIFA, I wouldn’t have either

December 4, 2010

England is shocked and bemused that it wasn’t awarded the World Cup in 2018. The press conference today will have the same sense of snobbish entitlement that descends upon the English whenever something football related is up for grabs.

If I was a FIFA member, sat in in front of Prince William, David Cameron and David Beckham, I’d have voted for Russia too.

“Being rich is fun!”

Are these men really representative of our footballing nation? A future king, Tory and a “style icon”? I’m a football fan, and they certainy don’t represent me.

They got the pitch all wrong. They thought that because England already has stadia and roads FIFA couldn’t possible refuse the generous offer. Really, England were doing FIFA the favour!

They are living proof stupidity is painless. How arrogant to think FIFA would be impressed by Prince William and David Cameron – two toffs who have never in their lives ever expressed any interest in the sport. How is FIFA supposed to generate any income from stadia that already have their own sponsorship deals and a league that will accept no infringement on it’s existing ones. These international  events are supposed to be about regeneration and expansion – where was the development angle? The World Cup isn’t about the status quo – it’s about letting the game grow. New markets = new revnue.

The comms were sh*t too, did you see the videos they made? Rubbish!

The FA are so stupid. They had a perfect blueprint to follow after London got the Olympics, they thought they knew better and blew it.

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