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Black people can’t get an education good enough for most universities, let alone Oxbridge.

December 8, 2010

The Guardian has finally published the data that proves Oxbridge is prejudiced against everyone.

 I can’t be too hard on Oxbridge for discriminating against black and BME students – it is one part of a total education system that discriminates against us.

The path to Oxbridge doesn’t start when you turn 18 and pass your A-levels. It starts in your breeding. An upbringing that develops your ambition, your adaptability, your aptitude, ability to sell your self and believe you have a right to be anywhere. To get into Oxbridge, you need a sense of entitlement. 

There’s no point telling Oxbridge off for not admitting enough highly qualified black candidates – state schools have already failed us. The state school system should only sell Oxbridge as a realistic prospect for people of all backgrounds if it can make sure we develop ourselves in the way Oxbridge would expect. Fee-paying schools know this and groom their charges for a specific kind of success. 

The system most black students are in can’t do this, so we’re left to pick from the scraps. 

It should be state schools that give us ambition in our teenage years that tells us to join debating societies, do innovative things with our spare time, network with other political animals. All this things contribute to a life experience that makes you the kind of person Oxbridge wants. 

Oxbridge doesn’t care about the kind of student you are. Oxbridge already knows you’re a straight As-across-the-board genius. It wants to know what kind of person you will become, so when you leave you can epitomise an Oxbridge education when you conduct appendectomies, float things on the stock market or sit in the cabinet. 

29,000 white students got 3 As for their A levels compared 452 black students. The problem is in elite and historic institutions like Oxbridge, but they are at the top of a system that is rotten to the core. The problem is everywhere and it is endemic.  

I understand the scandal that David Lammy tried to expose with his FOI requests, but it’s not up to Oxbridge to reverse its snobbery. It is up to us to become snobs. And who will teach us to do that?

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  1. BrusselsBelle permalink
    December 12, 2010 19:46

    I totally agree with everything you said. Instead of black children being taught to develop an Empire State of Mind i.e. being told that they can only conquer the music world they also need to be told to develop an Oxbridge State of Mind. I would also add that how many black students can afford to go to Oxbridge now what with tuition fee increases probably taking such an elite education even further out of their reach even if they are qualified.

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