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The pledge of a politician is a dumb reason to get into politics

December 14, 2010

Whilst I’m not keen on seeing the offspring of pop stars climb The Cenotaph, I am fully supportive of the movement against tuition fees (RIP). People are right to be angry at the scale of the cuts in Higher Education, they are right to be angry at the sheer complexity of the bill and they should certainly be bemused that the Coalition’s ambition to change the face of universities in England is being achieved with such velocity. They are changing universities into businesses. They are transforming quality HE into a privilege.

"Daddy, Daddy, look at me!"

I am very concerned at the sudden interest in politics. A lot of people went to Trafalgar Square with bricks and sticks when all they needed to do was get out of bed at a reasonable hour and vote anyone but Conservative back in May.

The Conservatives are doing exactly what they said they were going to do. They said they would wield their swords when it came to the public sector. The Lib Dems – well, they lied but everyone needs to get over it. I’m sure if their bums were warming up a few more seats in the Commons the picture would be less bleak and a more rosy-yellowish but it’s not. Tough.  For all his lies, Clegg and company only managed 23% of the vote. Bear in mind turnout was just over 65% in England – we’re not talking about a huge amount of people.

Mis-directed anger has Cameron ‘ROFL’. Be angry at everyone who voted Tory. Be angry at the Tory’s who cut the budgets by 80%. Be angry at the people who promised to vote Lib Dem but never got round to it. The attacks on Cable and Clegg have been far too disproportionate.

When politicians get into power, they have a real job to do. Running around the country, name calling and shaking hands, signing whatever every piece of rubbish is put in their face in the name of ‘campaigning’ is not real work.  People who say the bill is wrong because Nick Clegg lied  know nothing about politics and care only about themselves. People who voted purely because of their vested interest in HE know nothing about politics and care only about themselves. What if the  BNP pledged to eliminate tuition fees – would these people have voted for them?

Taking to the streets and giving Camilla a slap because a politician lied to you is stupid behaviour. And this is what gets my back up. Aaron Porter, acting holier than thou in the New Statesman and on Question Time because the president of the NUS finally has a prominent issue within his limited grasp.

It’s our responsibility to understand the issues facing our nation and not give our votes away in exchange for a cheap piece of PR. Maybe that’s why the students are so mad – they’re mad at themselves. They gave away their votes in exchange for one measly promise and the politicians couldn’t even keep that. I hope they learnt their lesson. My advice to all the angry students is to make cheesy politicians work harder for their votes next time, if they can be bothered to vote at all.

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