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Comment is free of intellect #2

December 23, 2010

The article:

” ‘Di ienjel go tu Mieri…’: Jamaican church creates patois Gospel of Luke after congregation fail to grasp King James Bible”

Obviously Jamaican congregations, raised to speak English as a first language, do not ‘struggle’ to understand the standard English version of the bible in the same manner the English struggled to understand the original Greek text. But there is no point criticising the Daily Mail for being ignorant. That would be like hating the sky for being blue. That’s just the way it is. The comments, however, vary from the reasonably sane to the ghastly. My two favourites are below:

“Looks like text speak to me. I’m sure that in the days of the Empire, people there could read, write and speak proper English. older immigrants from some of the Afro-Caribeean countries speak wonderful English… unlike their children and grandchildren”

“This is horrifying!

If there’s one thing I know about Jamaican people is that their clear diction was what distinguished them in pre-independence times. It was how they were raised-with pride. My parents and their friends are very good examples of this! They all speak a little patois, but its like a Liverpudlian or a Brummie have their speech idiosyncrasies.
If Jamaicans now need the Bible transferred into this ‘language’ doesn’t bode well and the country is headed even further backwards.

What a shame. . .”

Always good for a giggle until you consider that these anonymous posters could be anybody! Some one sat right next to you who doesn’t understand a word you’re saying…

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