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Lib Dems Don’t Agree with Tory Policies, claims Tory Rag

December 23, 2010

 Firstly, that Vince Cable should speak so openly to a ‘constituent’ is crazy. MP surgeries aren’t for Cabinet Ministers to brag about the size of their portfolio, they are for MPs to represent the role into which they were elected to, not selected to. So any talk about invasion of privacy or destruction of the inner sanctum of the surgery is borderline rubbish.

However, The Telegraph’s aggressive attacks on politicians continues unabated and this is a cause for concern. Being the last to arrive at the party of power, Lib Dems don’t have a rag they can rely on for support (The Guardian only adopted the party this year and both are having bonding issues). In the mean time, there are no journalists queuing up to film Cameron and Osborne roasting street urchins on a spit.

Outing David Laws must have been irresistible to a hack. Sex and expenses, two things we hate seeing politicians getting too much of. The media and public lapped up his resignation. Now Cable has been made to look a bit silly. His cabinet role is minor, as are the roles of his liberal colleagues, yet he is caught on tape making delusional  comments about being able to ‘bring the coalition down’.

"If you strike me down, I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine!"

He has lost some of his responsibilities, but kept his seat at the table. The only reason this has been met with a shrug of the shoulders is because whilst sat at the table, nobody is listening to him.

This is what The Telegraph want us to believe. Milliband recently said wanted everyone left of centre to refer to the Coalition as a ‘Tory-led government’. Another silly mistake. This is exactly what the Tories want us to believe and their favourite Tory rag is doing a great job helping Lib Dems look like the butt of the panto horse.

Update:  It’s funny because it’s true – read nice bit of satire on the Cable backlash:

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