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Hodsgon was never a good fit and Liverpool FC will have to regretfully let him go

December 31, 2010

Blame has a big place in the Premiership but there is one aspect of the game that can never be criticised. Blame referrees. Blame injuries, blame players . Blame the board (well, not if your Benitez). Never, ever, blame the fans.

Especially Liverpool fans who are on record as having the worst intelligence:opinion ratio in football fandom. This was typified by calling for the appointment of Kenny Daglish (!?) on Tuesday night.  That would be the strangest footballing appointment of all time if Newcastle hadn’t set such a high bar by appointing an ailing Joe Kinnear a few seasons (or managers) ago at St James Park.

"Are you suggesting I'll do a worse job that Benitez? Hilarious!"

This  morning Hodgson backtracked on his post match analysis that the fans were responsible for the drivel on display against Wolves at Anfield this week and shifted blame onto himself. It is too little too late and typical of his leadership so far.

Hodgson is a decent guy. He’s worked aborad, worked wonders at Fulham but he never had a gift for PR and conviction and never will. He cannot motivate a room full of ignorant young men on £60,000 who think they deserve to be coached by Jose Mourhino. Players can’t believe in themselves if the Board don’t see fit to appoint a manager with prestige, charisma and pedigree.

His inability to raise thegame of his players has been shown by his signings who have not been able to cope with the pressure. Some are not good enough. He inherited a squad that cannot be rotated whilst maintianing any kind of quality. Yet he never brings our attention to this in the media. He needs to fight more. He is yet to say one thing defiant to the baying pubilc. He prasies poor performances and takes personal criticism too easily. This is not how a a manager of a top Premier League club should behave.

Hodgosn was appointed because of his exploits with Fulham last season in the Europa Cup.  It’s a competition that is the tertiary ambition of most clubs; it comes after the league and well behind domestic cup competition. Hodgson may have got to the Europa Cup Final  but he didn’t win it. That’s the difference between what Liverpool FC want, and what they got.

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