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P Brothers / Scorzayzee Great Britain

February 19, 2011

Remember this cut from 2003? The now retired Nottingham MC recorded this after Britain invaded Iraq.

I’ve just returned from Progressive London – an event of seminars and debates designed to form a movement against our Government’s disastrous economic and political policies.

These events only work if we take the rational solutions economists, commentators, artists and politicians made clear at this event and TELL PEOPLE ABOUT THEM. I was in a room with academics and economists arguing for policies and strategies based on fact (not ideology) but I should not have to sit in a stuffy room in Congress House to hear this.

These facts should be in our newspapers. They should be on our televisions. And if those to mediums fail us, these facts should come from US.

Scorzayzee (a.k.a Dean Palinczuk) was scathing but ahead of his time with this song. Hopefully the event today will inspire a few more cultural outputs of the same nature and inspire people who do not normally engage in politics, activism and debate to get involved.

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