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Let’s see how quickly, or slowly, the West condemns Gaddafi

February 21, 2011

 When Mugabe’s regime was deemed oppressive and prejudicial against whites in his country, Europe responded with sanctions. These sanctions have been imposed for the past nine years and Brussels is not finished with them yet. “The EU has concluded that there has not yet been sufficient progress to justify a more substantial change of its policy towards Zimbabwe”, Emilio Rossetti, the chief EU representative in Zimbabwe said only one week ago.

Gaddafi Jnr. gave an an insulting and spurious speech to the world last night blaming violence and death on black African immigrants, claiming the youth of his country are just trying to be ‘cool’ by copying Egypt and Tunisia,  stating the West should mind its own business and that his Dad would rather die that relinquish his power. He also promised reform in the next couple days so no body needs to worry.

His said his father Col Gaddafi would fight till the last man, the last woman, the last bullet.

He said his country should be free of intervention because it has oil. Let’s see what the West values more, democracy and the human rights of Libyans and sub-Saharan immigrants, or oil and the ‘protection’ of European borders.

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