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Boris knows nothing about public transport

March 4, 2011

The hazards of Routemasters suddenly look very appealing

 Boris Johnson hates bendy buses and so does his electorate. Never mind the convenience they offer to pushchair, pram and wheelchair users. Or the speed at which commuters can get on and off them. Or their sheer capacity – the things are like caverns on the inside. They represented change, they represented a prioritisation of public transport over other road users and worst of all, they represented Ken.

It was his grandstand election pledge to launch a design competition to create a bus ‘for the 21st century’. Any one could submit a proposal. The review below of the result of this competition does not surprise me. Take a look at what Londoners have to look forward to, should this ever make it out of the concept stage and into our streets. I actually doubt it will. What a waste of time and money.

“First impression: monstrous. Literally. It is huge. No dimensions on the bus itself or on the one information panel on the floor so I was reduced to pacing out the length of the bus. New Bus: 20 paces. Routemaster: 15 paces. It’s very easy to compare the two as there’s a number 11 RM yards away from the New Bus. The actual length of the RM is 8.38m – the New Bus is 11.2m.”

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  1. April 1, 2012 22:50

    The majority of the public don’t want bendy buses, they cause hold ups, and unnecessary hold ups – they simply had to go!

    Ken was hardly effective in reducing traffic was he? Had he been sincere, then the answer was simple – ban private cars from central London. Instead he decided to try and bleed the motorists white with the congestion charge (commuter tax).

    This is to Ken’s eternal shame. Well done Boris – keep it up!

    • April 2, 2012 10:49

      “The majority of the public don’t want bendy buses”? That’s not true – I think at best people had no opinion on them at all! I also think you have to divide the opinions of people who used them against people who didn’t. They were accessible buses with lots of doors and space. Have you seen the size of the new bus? At 11ms I think queue of them would cause just as much inconvenience to other road users though I don’t recall every sitting in a car or cycling and being frustrated by a bendy bus. Maybe I’m just not one to see problems where their are none. Don’t agree they caused ‘unnecessary hold ups’ – will these new buses cause necessary hold ups? The nature of buses is that they stop and start and drivers just need to chill and get used to waiting behind them every now and again. Banning private cars from London will never be an option – not sure I understand why you critique Ken Livingstone for not doing this.

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