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Comment is free of intellect 3

April 6, 2011

It has been a while but as sure as we know the coalition’s austerity measures won’t work, we know there are right wingers willing to establish the veracity of this blog’s title with their ignorance.

Get yourselves onto this website and envoke your right to reply if you think it might be worth it.

The article:

So where is our Black middle class?

The comments:

jkinhollywood 1 hour ago
It’s cultural with the blacks. Look at any country that they are part of and you will see the pattern exits around the world. You can’t keep blaming the host country for their failings. For starters, having tight nit families would help, a mother and a father role model, particularly for boys. Having respect for each other and the rest of the community. AS a previous commentator said these days we are all in the same boat in terms of finding decent work, getting educated, it’s all down to the individuals and the choices they make.
  • richardofkent 51 minutes ago
    Compared to the Africans and Caribbeans still in their original countries the blacks in Britain have been given great opportunities. But a large proportion of them seem to have decided to p*ss these opportunities up the wall. You can only do so much for people, eventually they have to take responsibility for their and their families future. The major issue, in my opinion, is the lack of father figures in black communities – how do we as a country address this issue. Firstly we need to force fathers to take financial responsibility for their offspring (that is the easier bit) but secondly we need to create the conditions where being seen as a responsible member of society is the norm.
    ryan110001 1 hour ago
    I am sorry the real problem lies in with black culture. The blacks do not have a very strong family bond, or identity with Africa, the younger generation identifies it with the steerotype rappers etc. That is why they are not so progressive and even if there is a law like this you would not have a black applicant even getting through the initial vetting stage.
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    1. BrusselsBelle permalink
      April 6, 2011 21:27

      What bothers me about articles like this, and which is why ‘d rather post my comment here than on the Independent website, is that they’re fundamentally insulting. Not the comments, the article. Would a black writer ever get the chance to put across their view on an issue of race – let alone any other issue! – in a national newspaper? Of course not. Which is why you have papers like The Independent with writers like Christina Patterson unconvincingly talking about us without knowing about us. Of course there is a black middle class but when do they/we ever get the chance to show our faces in a ridiculously biased media? Institutionally racist applies to the media as well as, if not more so, than any other British institution. There was even an article in The Guardian the other day commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Brixton riots asking if they could happen again, again by a white writer and check out the comments on that article. At least with the right wing press we know where we stand. This article and its comment exemplify why we need a strong, independent black press but all we have is The Voice, badly written and which no one I know reads. So maybe we don’t need it after all and should continue to rely on the ‘newspapers’ for ‘news’.

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