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For Me Suarez Will Never Be Redeemed

August 25, 2012

Suarez did the crime and did his time. I support the process that he went through and the fact all parties involved want to move on. I will never support the notion that he was hard done by and I will certainly never condone his own insistence that he said nothing offensive. I’m only raking over these coals  because there is an article in the Guardian today where he has the gall yet again to protest his innocence and  entertain the bullshit excuse that ‘negro’ in Spanish means ‘black’ and is a term of endearment. Below are stated and recorded facts about the infamous comments he made to Evra:

In response to Evra’s question ‘Why did you kick me?’, amongst other things Suarez said, “Because you are black”. Evra dares him to repeat that statement, offering to punch him if he does. Suarez responds by saying, “I don’t speak to blacks”. Evra threatens to carry out his promise to punch Suarez. Suarez responds by saying, “OK, blackie, blackie, blackie, bring it on”. Suarez then pinches Evra’s arm. He denies he was doing this to further insult Evra. Considering the parlance that preceded this pinch, I find this highly unlikely.

I don’t think it matters what his comments mean in Spanish and what all his comments mean in English. What matters, is if someone said this shit to me, I’d threaten to punch them too.




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