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Aren’t you tired all the time?

January 3, 2014

When I stopped eating meat, the responses I got from some people made me realise just how painless stupidity is. Now that Jay Z and Beyonce (or Bey Z for short) are well into their vegan venture, I’ve been inspired to recall some of the strange attitudes some people have towards a life without chicken and chips.

Response number one:

“But where will you get your protein from?”

Soy based products, nuts, dairy, peas and pulses, wheatgerm, whole grains, eggs and (as a pescatarian), fish.

Response number two:

“Won’t you be tired all the time?”

Of course not. It’s not as if all omnivores are a lively bunch. Some of the fattest, laziest people I know happen to eat meat excessively. For many people, cutting down on meat would make them feel less tired. Large slabs of protein slow down your metabolism, making you feel fuller for longer, but also sluggish as the food takes so long to digest.

Response number three:

“I could never give up meat. It tastes too good”

This is a huge myth. Meat tastes disgusting. That why we season it heavily before cooking it in a very particular way in order to preserve some semblance of tastiness. If meat tasted good we wouldn’t need 11 herbs and spices and vats full of oil to make battery farmed chickens palatable.

Response number four:

“Humans were designed to eat meat”

We were also ‘designed’ to run marathons, but you still get the Underground to work every day. If we were designed to eat meat why can’t we stomach it raw? The reality is that a meat free diet is just as healthy as one that includes cows and ducks.

Response number five:

“I was a vegetarian for x years but my doctor told me to give it up for health reasons”

You probably did have to give up being a vegetarian for health reasons. Not because vegetarianism is an issue, but because you were just so God-awfully bad at it. Many people, who give up meat with good intentions, replace the meat proteins with cheese, cheese and more cheese. Or, the protein isn’t replaced at all, leaving a flab inducing diet of pasta and potatoes.

Response number six:

“You know what annoys me? When vegetarians give up meat, then eat stuff that’s made to look and taste like meat. What’s that all about, eh?”

You’ve picked a very strange thing to be annoyed by. Whilst I tend to avoid highly processed products, of any kind, I find it unusual that people who eat meat will insist on doing so, even after watching videos like the one below:

I find intensive meat farming annoying. But for you, I guess life is cheep-cheep!

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