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There is something wrong with the world

January 6, 2014

The other day, two wealthy, privileged women took a picture of their backsides and posted it on Twitter. It was all over social networks in seconds.

The world has changed. I am convinced that if this had happened 10 years ago, we would have been bemused. Instead, hoards of men, mostly black, were liking, sharing and ogling these imbeciles.

The celebration of Kimye’s ass always puzzled me, until I realised we live in a world that prefers to idolise the individual parts of a black woman, rather than the whole thing. Of course, Kimye isn’t black (though she is a bit brown through her father). This point is of no consequence, she feels black in the dark, so it’s okay for her to advertise her ass.

She vindicates her co-star. If Blac Chyna had dared do that alone (and she frequently does) it would have been considered more ‘whore-y’. Let’s see if the father of Blac’s child is ready to pop the question any time soon.

But things have changed. I think this because J-Lo, the Kimye of the 90s and early 2000s, would not have been allowed to get away with such ridiculousness. Heat magazine would have torn her to shreds. She would not have been allowed on Pop World with an image like that.

Content is the only reason I can come up with to explain this vacuousness. The quest for content is sucking the internet dry. In these strange days, there is something very Pavlovian about the interest we show in celebrities.

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