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An excellent documentary about the assassination of Patrice Lumumba

January 18, 2014

When I first learned of Patrice Lumumba, it was in a conversation about the brutality of the actions of Europeans in Africa. It was part of a conversation in which Africans were trading injustices with each other. “The British invented the concentration camp in South Africa!” “The Italians gassed Abyssians!” “The Belgians dissolved Lumumba’s body in battery acid”.

That stopped that conversation.

There is something extremely vile and disgusting about the manner in which Maurice Mpolo, Joseph Okito and Patrice Lumumba were executed but nothing will ever remove the nauseating callousness of the men who decided so powerful was Lumumba’s influence, his body needed to be erradicated too.

Is it comparable to genocide of tens of thousands of Africans? In meaning, perhaps so. The murders of Congo’s great hopes condemened a population of millions to suffer under the the imperialism Lumumba promised to free them from for decades to come.

Watch a documentary, which contains damning interviews from American and Belgian representatives, here:

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