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Unless you’re on the side of white supremacy, you’re probably not going to win an election in Britain

May 12, 2017


It’s the only thing that makes sense to me.

I am not saying Labour are perfect. Labour have not been impressive for the past few years. The fact is, JC’s leadership has done nothing to change this. He is pretty left wing. Even I disagree with a few points on the Labour 20 point economic plan (points 2, 3, 4, 10, and 19 if you’re interested).

However, despite my reservations, the Conservatives are there for the taking. They gained power in 2010 and 2015 positioning themselves as stronger on the economy, education and immigration. They promised small government, big society and prosperity for all. They have delivered on nothing.

Their successive governments form a long list of U-turns (1, 2, 3), broken manifesto commitments (4), public spending cuts and unsuccessful welfare reform. They have missed all their economic targets (5) and migration targets (6). Their 24/7 NHS proposals whipped staff into a frenzy unknown to modern British politics. Their education reforms have driven down government spending in schools (7), driven up inequality (8) and been deemed unsuccessful in achieving their objective to raise standards (9).

Council tenants unable to afford private housing are penalised via the bedroom tax. Benefit caps introduced in 2013 have not resulted in claimants moving into work (10) and use of food banks, a service barely in our political lexicon before 2010, escalates every year (11).

This is on top of rises in university tuition fees, VAT, stamp duty, business expenses and income tax for higher earners.

So why is it so hard to win the argument against them?

White supremacy is the one aspect of British life that a Conservative government will never threaten.

Of a population of around 63 million people, only 8-9% of individuals identify as non-white British. This section of the population is then further divided amongst racial, religious and cultural lines that segment it into insignificance. Outside of local and regional elections where concentrations of a BAME population can represent an influential voting bloc, non-white British voices are drowned out by a majority over-represented in media and politics, who can use their vote to express an otherwise suppressed ‘cultural anxiety’ (12).

Othering has worked since 1637 (13) and this principal has been used by every major party since to win elections. Time and time again the British public has proved they will permit personal financial or civil loss if you can make a vote for one party look advantageous for “white Britain” as a whole.

What’s worse, these deluded values are driven by the fear of immigration, not the reality of it. Some of the least diverse areas of the country voted for Brexit. Areas of the country drowning in EU funding voted for Brexit.

Everyone criticised the Brexit campaign for using straight up racism but I don’t recall many Remainers championing migration from people outside of the EU. They were largely silent when it was decided that non-EU immigrants could only settle in the UK if they earned more than £35,000 (14), £8,000 more than the national average. Now the rights of EU (read: white) citizens are under threat and suddenly migration becomes the great cause of the modern age. White supremacy is an issue that affects the left and right.

When the mere thought of the other is considered more harmful than actual economic loss, rational politics don’t cut the English mustard.

It is the privilege of the Labour Party leadership to think the moral high ground is enough. Re-distribution of wealth isn’t attractive to a British population who thinks it’s already in the right hands (the irony being, most of the top 20 richest Britons are immigrants). They don’t care about big business because they have no proximity to these faceless corporations. Besides, big corporations represent the dream – they should exploit the planet and it’s resources, it’s their supreme right. Why should big business pay for the NHS? It’s their money, they worked hard for their money, they’re not the enemy. It’s hard to picture Amazon as the enemy when brown faces and people with unpronounceable surnames are on the high streets of little Britain. Why is it Vodafone’s fault if a person can’t get a GP appointment? People have always been more offended by political correctness than some big company’s tax return.

The truth is, this country is scared. A massive section of the electorate would trade the NHS for the good ol’ days when their needs were prioritised, diversity quotas meant burning corks and playgrounds were death traps.

New Labour won in 1997 by the subtle triggering of ‘cool Britannia’ and fanning the embers of the financial service sector. People could deal with 1/10th of the Spice Girls being Afro-Caribbean because they had 95% mortgages and new cars. The electorate was made comfortable that their perceived superiority would continue unabashed. Now, there is no promise of wealth to distract them, so what do they do? They fall back into neo-conservatism; they would rather have no wealth than wealth that can be shared or taken from billionaires they are more willing to relate to than an immigrant.

The current ‘them’ and ‘us’ politics isn’t working for Labour because for Britain, ‘them’ isn’t defined as Starbucks or people who earn more than £80,000 a year. ‘Them’ is always going to imply people who are coming over here and taking jobs.

JC wants people to think like him. But you need an education for that which can’t be learnt in 5 weeks.

The ratings are in plain sight. The Conservatives run a terrible government but they have never been so popular. We need to stop scratching our heads over this. We need to wake up and smell the bigotry.

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