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3. Keeping Athena Company – Nathan Foad

June 4, 2019

In Episode 3 I am joined by comedy screenwriter Nathan Foad. I’ve worked with Nathan and it’s always quality bants when he’s around so I couldn’t wait to break his fried plantain virginity and have a good old catch up about life. We talk about drama school, growing up in a chip shop and the glamour of WW2 evacuee children, amongst other things.

Watch out for the ‘c-word’ near the end if you are listening in the car with your kids, and yes, the babble you can hear in the background is the child who inspired this podcast. I won’t let the their reluctance to nap stop me from living my best life.

More about Nathan:

Nathan is a comedy writer and former bully’s wet dream. He has written things for Channel 4 and Sky, most recently scripting an episode of The Young Offenders for BBC3/RTE.

Originally from Newark-on-Trent, Nathan is a bravely gay person who writes about class, bodies and queerness. 

That makes it all sound quite worthy. Mostly it’s just jokes about his Mum.

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