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4. Keeping Athena Company – Gavino di Vino

June 17, 2019

In this episode I am joined by Gavino di Vino. Gavino is an actor and writer I met in Edinburgh almost 4 years ago and we’ve been hanging out ever since. Gavino is one of the most intelligent people I know – he speaks five languages fluently (including Russian!), is phenomenally well versed in art, history and fashion. He’s a very cool guy to be around. Amongst a whole host of subjects we skip through identity, class, being a polyglot, hate crime, travel and festivals with saunas – which I did not know was a thing. 

Does Gavino look familiar? You’ve probably seen him already in this video that went viral and gained him a new set of fans from across the world.

More about Gavino:

Gavino di Vino is a London-based actor and writer. He was raised between Wirral and Wigan in the north west of England and has lived in London since 2014.

His play, AUNTIE, a tragicomedy about an African Hackney family, has been defined by The Guardian as ‘exuberantly idiosyncratic’, and he’s been featured as the face of a UK-wide campaign celebrating diversity for BBC, Perfect Day. Fluent in French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, he’s an internationally-focussed artist, working with Royal Academy of ArtsSoho House and Pushkin House.


Find him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @Gavinodivino

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