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9. Keeping Athena Company – Faye Treacy

August 26, 2019

The blooming delightful Faye Treacy joins me to talk about living Florida, being a trombone playing rock star and what it’s like to be raised by a punk loving father. 

More about Faye:

Faye Treacy is a comedian, trombonist, presenter, writer and educator. 

Born in Croydon, S.London, in rebellion against a punk Dad, Faye decided to pick up trombone and then ended up being luckily enough to be accepted into the Royal Academy of Music (she did a lot of practice.) .

Upon graduation Faye has had a busy freelance career. Her musical career highlights include having been the resident trombonist for the Chris Moyle’s Quiz Night on Channel 4, as well as playing for The Selector, Kiko Bun, The Maccabees, Rod Stewart, Tankus The Henge, PRO Glenn Millar Big Band, Hackney Colliery Brass Band, Riot Jazz and The London Vegetable Orchestra. 

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