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11. Keeping Athena Company – Arielle Souma

September 23, 2019

In this episode I spend a glorious sunny afternoon with the wonderful Arielle Souma. She’s so funny and I am very grateful she found the time to pop by. Listen to find out why we had boiled plantain this time and hear her thoughts on the one thing that British people are really bad at (she’s French so she has some opinions on us). Arielle is the most honest person I know so she keeps it real throughout! We talk, amongst other things, about customer service, writing jokes about sad things and food addiction. 
More about Arielle:
She’s a force to reckon with and a dynamic “wild card” in a line up. Punchy, blunt, accessible; french and Arielle Souma performs with a distinctive style. Performs for major clubs like The Stand, Glee Club, Top secret, Angel comedy club and clubs all across the country. 
“Arielle Souma is just what the comedy industry needs and should be forced upon every audience until they buckle under her spell”
_Frankie Boyle
“Her delivery is really strong  and lively, she’s brilliant fun and totally commands the stage. She killed it and totally raised the roof. Clearly very accomplished, she just has it.”
_ The Stand Comedy Club
And you can see me live at Library Laughs! 100% of all money raised supports Liberia, a lending library in Ghana that makes a difference.
Tickets are here:
Read more about Libreria here:
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