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12. Keeping Athena Company – 1.5 Arabs

October 7, 2019

I welcome 1.5 Arabs into grandma’s kitchen, Fatiha el-Ghorri and Esther Manito! This was so much fun, even the child was entertained as you will hear throughout this very enjoyable conversation. I was giggling throughout the whole edit I swear. We chat about freedom of speech, challenging perceptions, people’s fear of the Middle East and the stress of friends watching you perform. 

These two comedians are so funny and as 1.5 Arabs produce some of my favourite online sketches right now! Find them on Instagram: @1.5arabs, esthermanito and fathia.elghorri

PLUS! You can see Fathia and myself perform with a load of top top acts on Wednesday 16 October at Library Laughs

It’s a fundraiser for Libreria, a lending library in Accra. Find out more about them here:


11. Keeping Athena Company – Arielle Souma

September 23, 2019

In this episode I spend a glorious sunny afternoon with the wonderful Arielle Souma. She’s so funny and I am very grateful she found the time to pop by. Listen to find out why we had boiled plantain this time and hear her thoughts on the one thing that British people are really bad at (she’s French so she has some opinions on us). Arielle is the most honest person I know so she keeps it real throughout! We talk, amongst other things, about customer service, writing jokes about sad things and food addiction. 
More about Arielle:
She’s a force to reckon with and a dynamic “wild card” in a line up. Punchy, blunt, accessible; french and Arielle Souma performs with a distinctive style. Performs for major clubs like The Stand, Glee Club, Top secret, Angel comedy club and clubs all across the country. 
“Arielle Souma is just what the comedy industry needs and should be forced upon every audience until they buckle under her spell”
_Frankie Boyle
“Her delivery is really strong  and lively, she’s brilliant fun and totally commands the stage. She killed it and totally raised the roof. Clearly very accomplished, she just has it.”
_ The Stand Comedy Club
And you can see me live at Library Laughs! 100% of all money raised supports Liberia, a lending library in Ghana that makes a difference.
Tickets are here:
Read more about Libreria here:

10. Keeping Athena Company – Samuel Williams

September 9, 2019

I can’t believe I’ve made it to episode 10! I am so pleased to say Samuel Williams found the time to come by and meet the baby (which may have been his primary motivation for coming through!). We had an insightful conversation that meandered around topics like entrepreneurship, creativity, the influence strangers can have on your life and what it’s like to work in your sleep. Stay tuned to the end especially if you are an aspiring actor or comedian because we both have golden advice that is not to be missed.

Samuel is an actor, comedian, clothing designer and collector from London. Check out his brand Insane Gentlemen:

Find him online on Twitter and Instagram at @OgaSamuel

And catch me live on Wednesday 16 October, raising money for Libreria, a lending library in Accra started by a British Ghanaian that runs literacy projects for children and adults who would otherwise not have access to such an amazing resource. All money goes to this project!

Tickets are £12.50 in advance and available here:

9. Keeping Athena Company – Faye Treacy

August 26, 2019

The blooming delightful Faye Treacy joins me to talk about living Florida, being a trombone playing rock star and what it’s like to be raised by a punk loving father. 

More about Faye:

Faye Treacy is a comedian, trombonist, presenter, writer and educator. 

Born in Croydon, S.London, in rebellion against a punk Dad, Faye decided to pick up trombone and then ended up being luckily enough to be accepted into the Royal Academy of Music (she did a lot of practice.) .

Upon graduation Faye has had a busy freelance career. Her musical career highlights include having been the resident trombonist for the Chris Moyle’s Quiz Night on Channel 4, as well as playing for The Selector, Kiko Bun, The Maccabees, Rod Stewart, Tankus The Henge, PRO Glenn Millar Big Band, Hackney Colliery Brass Band, Riot Jazz and The London Vegetable Orchestra. 

8. Keeping Athena Company – Katie Lane

August 12, 2019

Katie Lane drops by to talk bullfighting, reaching rock bottom, Black Twitter v Fiat 500 Twitter and Love Island. 

This episode genuinely could have been over an hour long. So much good stuff was cut there may even have to be a part 2…

Katie and Athena first met on the open mic circuit many moons ago and have enjoyed pies together in Edinburgh. She wouldn’t pretend to call herself a comedian any more but still keeps her hand in with a hometown monthly gig in Streatham. In her spare time, Katie cooks endless curry, deadheads her roses and watches horrendous television programmes when she should be reading more. She is very excited at the prospect of all-day brunches with Athena’s child once she can learn to hold a decent conversion.  Which, during this episode, you hear is not such a distant prospect.

Enjoy! And find Katie on Twitter at @katieklane

7. Keeping Athena Company – Carmen Ali

July 29, 2019

In this episode I am joined by comedian, blogger and burlesque performer Carmen Ali and I don’t think my mum’s kitchen has ever witnessed such saucy conversation. Find out about why Indian Caribbean food is like Indian food but even better, the difference between sex and kink and how to deal with cakes that are blatantly asking for it.  I strongly suggest listening to this episode then checking out her alter ego April Fiasco via the You Tube link below.

More about her:

Carmen is a stand-up comedian and blogger who loves playing chess, kinky sex, and 90s nostalgia (in that order). She also performs Burlesque as April Fiasco which involves indulging in some very tasty food fetishism. You can see more of her work here: 

Twitter: @CarmenAli / @MissAprilFiasco
Insta: @CarmenJeanAli / @AprilFiasco
Burlesque Performance:

6. Keeping Athena Company – Kate Weston

July 17, 2019

We are back and it’s a belting episode with the fantastic Kate Weston. We speak about mental health, randy kittens and the stress of stand up comedy. Kate is one to watch as she is soon to drop a big announcement that WE CAN’T TALK ABOUT but you can hear it first if you find her on her Instagram and Twitter at @katelizweston. Enjoy!

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