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41. Dana Alexander – Keeping Athena Company

October 14, 2021

Canadian comedian and my old housemate Dana Alexander came to visit! An international headliner, podcaster, presenter and COOK (spelt in capital letter for a reason, this woman THROWS DOWN in the kitchen), we chat about how to deal with kids who say problematic things, why it’s good to eat unhealthy stuff, gender, giving our parents grandchildren…a whole heap of stuff really.


I have a lot of time for Dana. And you know what the evidence of this is? She doesn’t like plantain. But I still let her in my house 🙂

Find Dana on Instagram and Twitter with her handle @comediandana. Look out for her cooking tutorials which are mouthwatering and informative!



40. Quincy – Keeping Athena Company

August 31, 2021

In this episode I am joined by royalty, the Cockney Prince himself, Quincy the Comedian! We talk about vaccine hesitancy in the Black community, being in a dance crew in the 80s and what it’s like to hear your first pub shooting as an eight year old. 

Quincy is a comedian, radio host, actor (catch him in In The Long Run on Sky) and promoter. One of the funniest comedians on the circuit, he’s been bringing the funny for years  – a true comedy legend. A community champion, he’s contributed to A Place for We, a collection of stories written by people connected to the Windrush Generation. 

Follow him on Instagram (@quincy_comedian) or Facebook @QuincyComedian

39. Ria Lina – Keeping Athena Company

August 2, 2021

In this episode I am joined by the irrepressible Ria Lina. As well as being a top notch comedian, Ria has a BSc in Experimental Pathology, an MSc in Forensic Science and a PhD in Virology. More degrees that you can shake a Polaroid picture at. She’s a fab talker and our conversation covered more miles than Ellen MacArthur. From breastfeeding to the civil service to gender to the British education system to how they treat public servants in Singapore. And more. Enjoy.

More about Ria:

Ria is a comedian, writer and actor who has been seen on on shows like Mock The Week (BBC), Yesterday, Today and the Day Before (Comedy Central) and Unforgivable (Dave). At the time of publishing, she’s the only pro Filipino comedian in the UK today and probably the only one with all those tasty degrees but that makes for an intelligent, considered and vital comedian and comedy writer.

She’s got various scripted projects up her sleeve as well as more TV appearances to come. Keep up by following Ria on her socials:

Twitter: @rialina_

Instagram: @rialina_




38. Alex Wheatle – Keeping Athena Company

July 19, 2021

Alex Wheatle keeps my company in this episode. Yes, THE Alex Wheatle – author of countless novels, activist and subject of the Small Axe episode that told us we all need a Simian in our lives.

We talk about unlearning inferiority, putting on fake accents and how to get your first book published. 

This chat was as delicious as the plantain I finally got to feed someone with. Enjoy.

37. Amy Howerska – Keeping Athena Company

June 21, 2021

I had a good natter with incredible soul and my comedy writing sound board, Amy Howerska. We chat about IUDs, pull the curtains back on panel shows destroying all magic in the process, and she shares the most wonderful, heart swelling reason behind her decision to get married. Enjoy!


Amy is a top lady who is a writer, comedian, producer, filmmaker and all sorts. Everything you need to know about her is here:


Follow her on instagram, dammit:

36. Keeping Athena Company – Nico Yearwood

May 17, 2021

This episode I am joined by the wonderful comedian Nico Yearwood. We chat about Barbados, procrastination, having pre school children and how to occupy them and living in a place where you can’t buy plantain. Thoughts and prayers are with Nico at this difficult time.

More about Nico:

Nico is a comedian and MC who is prolific on Instagram and YouTube. He’s the resident MC of Top Secret Comedy Club in London and you can find him via the handle @neeksman on Instagram and Twitter. I highly recommend you do this – he is a comedy king.

35. Verona Rose returns – Keeping Athena Company

May 12, 2021

Another MICRO edition of Keeping Athena Company! I had a short and sweet catch up with the unstoppable Verona Rose who is currently hosting her own show on ITV2! It’s called Secret Crush, it’s on weekdays at 6pm and available on ITV Hub and I am giving you these details because Verona is iconic and I want the world to know if you don’t know already!

You will also remember her from an earlier episode – yep, I seem to have run out of friends but don’t worry, I am making new ones and there are some juicy conversations coming up I promise.

More about Verona:


Verona Rose is a comedy writer performer best known for BBC Three short comedy series Fully Blown (with comedy partner Donna Preston) based on two wannabe rappers ‘Starz’ and ‘GapC’ which was nominated for the Broadcast Digital Award 2020. She was most recently seen on new Sky show Dating No Filter and has also appeared on E4’s Pants of Fire, Channel 4’s Celebrity Come Dine with Me, 8 Out of 10 Cats and new ITV panel show Sorry I Didn’t Know. Verona will be next seen CBBC’s Horrible Histories.

34. Ella Al-Shamahi – Keeping Athena Company

April 6, 2021

It’s a very special MICRO episode of Keeping Athena Company, recorded during Library Laughs, a fundraiser for The Library of Africa and the African Diaspora held last month.

I “tricked” Ella into a quick chat about dating, pooping on boats and literary festivals in Somalialand.

Ella is comedian, broadcaster, explorer, writer, palaeontologist and probably loads more – she’s prolific. Follow her on her socials and buy her book using the links below:



Book and other things:

33. Keeping Athena Company – Steve Whitely

March 26, 2021

In this episode writer, director, producer, performer and all round great dude Steve Whitely joins me for a chat and we properly go round the houses. From surfing to consumerism to breastfeeding to tap water to pissing in public to the correct way to say ‘tumeric’. It’s safe to say we right all the wrongs of the world in this episode. Enjoy! 

Follow Steve on Twitter: @OffKeySteve

Find out more about his work:

More about Steve:

Steve is a writer, director, producer and performer. His comedy sketches and parody music videos have earned his YouTube channel a nomination for ‘Best Internet Programme’ at the British Comedy Awards. Steve’s award-winning debut short film ‘Swiped’ won the 2019 Silver and Peoples Lovie Award. It was also nominated for the 2019 Edinburgh TV Festival New Voices Award for best pilot and is an official selection at numerous Oscar & BAFTA qualifying festivals. Steve has been selected for the BFI Network x Bafta Crew 2021 and is currently developing his sitcom project ‘Woke Heroes’ for Channel 4.

32. Keeping Athena Company – Chris Betts

February 23, 2021

Chris Betts is a stand up comedian and podcaster and a friggin delight. He kept my virtual company explaining why his six year old self wanted to be a comedian really, really badly, how he ended up in a Thai monastery and why he once spent his last 14 euros on a CD by a band he had never heard of. Actually, he never explains why he did that. And now it’s keeping me up at night!

More about Chris:

UK based Canadian comedian Chris Betts performs all over the world with his unflinching, poetic and raucous comedy. His laconic style, confident presence and keen mind make for a one of a kind comedy experience. Before covid he opened on tour for Phil Wang, Rob Schneider and Tom Green. Now Chris divides his times hosting the Chris Betts Versus Podcast bringing his award winning live comedy/debate show Chris Betts Vs the Audience show online and the Big Shiny Podcast talking about the seminal Canadian 90s alt-rock compilation Big Shiny Tunes.

Find him on Twitter: @mrchrisbetts

Listen to Chris Betts vs:

and Buy Tickets to Library Laughs to hear comedy, improv and a live stream of a new mini episode of Keeping Athena Company! 

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